Native pride I am who I am your approval isn’t needed shirt

 People are so blind its nuts.No matter what the demonic left says or does or dresses up as, they will not stop this conformation if God will almost be great not to have a worry in the world and just go protests and you don’t even know why your protesting get a job that’s what they need a jobJail them, they just want their 5 minutes in the limelight, how much did Democrats pay them to do this all the creeps come out trying to gain publicity and get their picture and names on the news. There are no blemishes at all on Amy Coney Barrett's credentials. She is a fine judge. People need to stop acting like total idiots. Get out of that garb it's not Halloween yet.Stand strong Amy C Barrett! Just like Kavanaugh did. We are praying for justice now upon the lefts chaos & distractions was browsing when I came across your profile, your profile is really interesting and I will love us to be friends.

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